Stepsister Fucked To Make Boyfriend Envious


My dad got married again and I met my new stepbrother Tony, who is a rich and spoiled kid. He always gets what he wants. For example, he filmed me while I was preparing myself and I was naked. He’s such a creep. My latest boyfriend was cheating on me and I wanted to get revenge. My stepbrother overheard me talking at the phone and he wants to help me with that by fucking me.

He offers me to take a couple of pictures of his cock while I give him a blowjob and I accept. As I suck his big dick I am happy I’ve decided to take revenge with my stepbrother Sebastian. We can’t resist each other anymore and we start fucking. He puts his huge cock in my sweet pussy and I can already say it is warm and welcoming. He enjoys it very much. As I get fucked in every possible position, I’m enjoying it very much and my pussy is getting destroyed. I moan out loudly for pleasure and he can’t help but cum inside my sweet pussy. I can finally take a picture of my vagina as my stepbrother’s cum is spilling out of it and my boyfriend will be envious.

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