Stepsis Pounded In Front Of Mom


Stepsister Izzy pretends to way smarter than her stepbrother Kyle. He, however, rebuts saying she has seen her school grades, stating they are not so good, while his are way better. She gets a bit embarassed and when he asks how many of his friends she has banged at this point, and she replies he too has fucked a lot of her friends. Suddenly, her mom arrives and is sick of seeing that the two stepsiblings are always fighting. She has a solution: they will play a board game like Kyle used to do when he was younger.

Her mom goes away and tells them to read the rules. She will come back later. They are really bored by the game when Kyle grabs her stepsister by her back, puts his hand in her pussy to rub it off. She’s reluctant at first but she likes it when she moans. Unfortunately, her mom hears it and the two of them quickly recompose. Their mom gets away when he grabs her by her pussy, again. She starts sucking his cock and her mom is quickly back again and then goes away. She pulls her panties off to get fucked on the table, in doggystyle. The next day, they decide to go on with what they started close to their mom, this time way better.

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