Stepsis Amelia Can’t Leave Me Unfinished


My stepsister Amelia is always wandering around the house like a little whore, despite her father’s will. She’s only wearing a hot lingerie bra and a skirt. Knowing she likes cocks so much, I brought her a big banana she’s now sucking in front of me. A bit embarassed at first, I tell her at I saw her peeing in the shower so she should not be embarassed of being private with me. Reassured, she pulls her skirt off to show me her g-string. Not wearing her bra anymore, she has little tits that are hot in any case.

She grabs my cock and sucks it almost to the end, when she suddenly stops and leave me unfinished. Now laying on the sofa, I go to her so that she can keep sucking my dick. Then I put my cock in her teen pussy. Unfortunately, as I fuck her, our father almost catches us and whe run away. The next day, I reach her to finish what we started. After a quick blowjob, her pussy is smashed by my big dick in it. She seems to enjoy my “banana” very much. At last, I am able to cum on her hot belly, beneath her pussy hair, and she licks it.

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