BrattySis – Lacy Lennon, Liz Jordan – Simon Says With Redhead Stepsis


Redhead stepsister Naomi and her hot friend Lucy are playing cards against each other and her stepbrother wants to join them. Naomi says he will get his ass kicked, but he’s sure of the opposited. He says he will destroy them. So she makes an offer — since he’s so confident, they will be playing strip poker. He still wants to play regular poker and she shuffles the cards. He has two pairs and instantly wins. Naomi claims it’s all luck and invites him to play ‘Simon Says’, where he’ll surely lose. He plays against Lucy.

She starts with “Simon says ‘touch your head'” and they both touch their heads. However, she didn’t mean that head. She meant his cock’s head. He takes his cock out and she’s shocked as she didn’t expect him to do it, so he wins. Later, Lucy is the director and Naomi and her stepbrother are the players. She says: “Simon says ‘Stand up and touch your toes'”. Naomi does it and, while doing so, her stepbrother can see her sweet pussy through her skirt. “Simon says ‘Take up your pants'”. The both do it because they want to do it. The next order is play with yourself, so they both start marturbating watching each other.

The next orders consist in Naomi bending over and her stepsister fucking her pussy. Naomi’s girlfriend later joins them and gets fucked as well in the pussy.

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