My Stepsister Is Hornier Than Ever And I Creampied Her Twice!


Today my stepsister is really hornier than ever, I never saw her like that. She’s trying to fuck me and always seduces me when I go outside my bedroom, it feels really wrong. Our parents left for a trip abroad and now we’re at home alone, and she’s always masturbating.

I’m trying to do my business and never think about her, but she keeps sending me messages of all kinds. I have to study for the exam session next week and so I really can’t distract.

Just some minutes after I concluded this thought and Emma entered my bedroom. She was fully naked and ready to fuck me hard and take my big cock into her wet and shaved pussy as well. It was astonishing and I didn’t know how to feel. I thought: “Fuck everyone and everything, I will fuck you so hard”. We both enjoyed the best sex tape ever, with her doing great oral sex and me fucking her pussy with my huge load.

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