“I won’t tell mom if you fuck my friend” – Lily Larimar, Anna Clouds


Leah and Everly are BFFs and they want to watch the TV. Unfortunately, the TV in Leah’s room is not working so they go to the living room. There, Leah’s stepbrother Kyle is about to watch football so he won’t allow them to use the TV. Leah steals the remote from him and blackmails him by telling their parents. He goes to his bedroom to jerk off alone. Everly reaches him and wants to see his cock. She’s so horny and wants to take it in her little pussy. Therefore, she starts taking off her panties as she promises his stepsister won’t know about this. She’s now rubbing her pussy and boasting her teen, hot ass.

Grabbing his dick, she’s very happy to give Leah’s stepbrother a blowjob. She’s enjoying very much and goes to the next step. He’s putting his cock in her pussy when Leah enters the room. Leah says she will tell mom and dad unless he lets his stepsister watch as he fucks her best friend. In the meantime, Leah is rubbing her pussy and Kyle finally puts his dick in Everly’s pussy while she lays on the bed. Leah is very horny and later joins the party by getting fucked in the pussy as well while licking licking Everly’s pussy. She’s getting smashed in doggystyle when Kyle pulls his dick out to cum on her bone as Leah takes part of the semen in her mouth.

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