I Was Caught Spying My Stepsis And Her Friend


Today a friend of my stepsister is here and they are both super hot. I’m really in love with this new guest, I’ve never seen her before but she’s so cute and super sexy. I asked my sister to introduce me to her friend but she denied and told me I was a pervert.

When they moved to my stepsis’ bedroom I started spying on them, in less than a few minutes I had a boner. My cock was really super hard and I couldn’t stop nor control it. While I was trying to fix this problem they heard me and caught me spying on them. They also noticed that hard dick under my pants, and they both seemed to like it a lot.

I decided to get on their bed with them, and we started flirting heavily. They asked me if they were sexy and if I wanted to fuck them hard. In less than a few seconds those super hot girls were sucking my cock deeply. I then proceeded to penetrate them and I cummed all over their eyes and mouths.

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