Hypnotized Stepsisters Fuck Their Stepbro Hard


Stepbro is an expert at hypnosis and he wants to try his new skills on his stepsisters. This new skill consists of making people unaware of what is happening at the moment, so he could do whatever he wants and they wouldn’t notice it.

He starts doing his magic and the two girls are now in a false sleep, they can’t really understand what’s going on. After some minutes he decides this could be a great opportunity. He could finally fuck his stepsisters hard in their pussies. Indeed, they are really hot and he would love to taste those pussies with his tongue and dick too.

At a certain point, while their mouths were deeply sucking his hard cock, Jim understood that they were not under the effect of anything. Those two slutty girls were simply enjoying some good sex with him. He was ever hornier now and so wanted to fucked both girls properly. They went on doing some good oral sex and also penetration. In the end he couldn’t resist anymore and so cummed all over those sluts.

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