Good Blonde Stepsister Giving Me 69


Daisy is such a good, hot stepsister that her stepbrother Paul can’t stop spying on her when she’s cleaning the bedroom. Her tits might not be so big, but her ass is huge, and he imagines his cock spanking and fucking that little, sweet pussy. She suddenly turns towards him and is shocked to see him there. He hadn’t met her new stepbrother before but wouldn’t have liked to meet him in these conditions. She covers her tits he gets away. Some time later, he comes back to apologise but she’s sorry as well for being so mad.

She figures she might as well give him a good ride so he gets naked. She jumps on his and Paul can feel how petite that pussy is by licking it. They have a great 69 that ends up in Paul cumming in her stepsister’s mouth. The next day, when they find each other in the bathroom, they think it is a good time to finally fuck. Grabbing his cock, Paul is pleased to put in Daisy’s pussy which is so warm. He feels a bit guilty to cum in her stepsister’s pussy, something that, however, will surely happen again in the next few days. They really enjoy their new incestuous relationship.

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