Cute Hottie And Stepsister Get Smashed During Halloween


When it’s Halloween time, these cute girls Nancy and Shannon really get scared watching horror movies during the night. The really get scared for nothing, even the stupidest scenes. As they keep watching the film, Nancy’s step brother arrives from behind and scares the shit out of them, who are now seriously angry at him. The two cute girls call him stupid and idiot. They keep watching the movie as Nancy’s brother approaches them again, this time with a Jason mask. As they go to bed together and they fall asleep, he touches Shannon’s ass by slipping her panties off.

Taking his big cock out, he puts it inside her pussy and fucks her right next to his step sister. Nancy suddenly wakes up and sees the two of them fucking when Shannon tells her it’s ok and invites her to get her pussy licked. Nancy’s brother is now fucking a very cute and big ass as Shannon licks his stepsister’s pussy. Nancy too wants some cock, so she is the next one to get fucked in doggystyle. The silly brother, still wearing Jason mask, keeps having sex with both the cute teens as they swap and get smashed in turn. This was a really chilling night for the two hotties.

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