Cute And Innocent Stepsister Gets Fucked While At Sleep


It’s late-night and this cute stepsister is scared by sounds coming from all over the house. She thinks there might be some thieves. Sleeping with her stepbro could be a good way to manage this, so she goes to his bedroom. He’s sleeping calmly and she starts calling him: “Hey, can I sleep with you tonight?”.

Her brother doesn’t seem surprised and decides it’s okay, but he also wants to remind her stepsister: “I sleep naked”. She’s now much happier and wants to sleep with her sexy brother at all costs. He tries to ignore her, by looking at another side, but she’s quite hot. The stepsister then asks: “Can you give me a hug? I’m so scared”. The couple is now very close and both of them start sleeping.

The next morning the guy wakes up with a huge dick in his hands. It seems that his cock enjoyed that night. Unable to resist, he knows he has to fuck that hot lady lying next to him. He starts masturbating her and then licking that wet pussy. She’s still sleeping when he starts the penetration with that big load, but she seems to like it a lot.


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